Kusti 64 (2014) – First Solo Game!

Game Specifications

Genre                                      :               Sports, Party Game

View                                        :               2D Top-down

Players                                    :               Multiplayer (1v1)

Engine                                     :               Construct 2D

Platform                                  :               PC   

Duration                                  :               2 Days

Game Description

“Kusti 64” is an arm wrestling turned video game. This game was made in my part-time in our University while progressing through the day-to-day assignments and troubles of a student.

How The Game Works

Players will have to mash provided keys in a certain given time, and whoever does it first wins the trade. And so, players progress by winning such trades while the gameplay slightly switches to mindless mashing from time-to-time. The player who completely defeats the other player by winning such trades wins the game.

My Experience

Game Design, Programming, and Art

I was in a disappointing time when I was working on this game. I was questioning my abilities and of others day-by-day as I go to class. I was the definition of pessimism whenever it came to a conversation. But this project partly showed me light while I had none in the empty darkness. And apparently I was only seeking for attention, and I understood how my actions have affected others.

Tools                       :               Photoshop

What Went Right?

  • First Indie development experience
  • Confidence for further projects

What Went Wrong?

  • Riddled with bugs

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