Hexacomb Boardgame (2013) – Game Design

Game Specifications

Genre                                        :               Board Game

Players                                     :               Multiplayer (1-4)

Team Members                     :               3                            

Duration                                  :               7 Months

Game Description

‘Hexacomb’ is an american style tile based strategy board game made by a team of 3 game designers as part of a ‘Semester Project’ in our University.


The champion bee in Beetopia has passed away and a new champion bee has to be selected. The prophecy says in such occurrence the bees must select 4 contenders from their clan who must participate in the battle of ‘Hexacomb’ to reveal the next champion bee.

My Experience

Game Design and Documentation

Being my first project on entering the University, it was more of an introduction to game design rather than a practical one. My ideals for “what game design is” and “how it should be” were formed in this project. To say more, I actually entered the realm of game design while progressing through the development process of the project.

Tools                       :               Word, Excel, Photoshop, Perforce.


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