[My Journey]

Hello, my name is Chandra Kouns Turaga, a 3C Game Designer currently employed at Ubisoft Stockholm.

I have around ~3 years of industry experience in AAA console and F2P mobile games, and I’m always eager to face creative challenges which can drive the industry to iterate, improve, and advance for the future!


LIFE UPDATE: 22-02-22

I’ve had a lifetime of experience these past few years in comparison to my previous updates.

I’m 25 years old now, and since the last time I posted here – I’ve had covid, lost both of my grandmothers within a week, gone through the most gruesome crunch experience of my life, survived a deadly mosquito-borne fever disease, and I shifted to a new country for the first time ever for a new job.

A lot to take in.

I’ve now realized that work-life balance is a real issue. Working every day till months on end… it’s not fun, and I completely burnt myself in the process.

I slowly shifted to think that maybe I don’t want to be a big face in the industry? Not everybody needs to create their own studio and direct their own games. Sometimes it’s just enough to feel relaxed, collectively work towards objectives, and enjoy life!

I feel like I shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself going ahead. It’s nice to see that I have a good team around me to avoid the issue.

So I gotta rebound! I feel like I’m yet to face the best years of my life!

LIFE UPDATE: 13-04-19 

Time is like a river… It keeps on flowing.

Yep, I’m 23 years old now. There are quite a few differences from who I was 3 years ago, once again. But this time it almost feels like I haven’t seen much growth, or worse, I feel like I’ve deteriorated in quite a few areas.

The pressure I put on myself to achieve my goals keeps on increasing day by day.

But lately, I’ve understood that I’m slowly starting to burn in a little bit. From now on I’ll have to be careful of my mental & physical fortitude to continue my growth.


LIFE UPDATE: 19-11-16 

This “About Me” is quite old.

I’m 20 years old now, I don’t play every game in the AAA market anymore, update my blog randomly whenever it’s possible, and I grew only to care about the design of games rather than other things in life.

Is this weird? If it’s weird I then like being weird. But yet, I want to keep this whole page for anyone who wants to know how I came to be to who I am today.


So for the “New and short About Me”:

My name is Chandra Kouns Turaga – A game design student currently studying at Rubika Supinfogame Pune, Maharashtra, India. And in short, I’m the type of guy who is always chasing for “fun” in gameplay experiences.

It has been an amazing adventure so far in building this website – with all of my games up for showcase for anyone willing to see my potential. https://www.chandrakouns.com/


Yet this is not the end of the road. I still have miles to progress, learn, and climb towards my objective!

LIFE UPDATE: 09-11-13 

Hello everyone!

My name is Chandra a.K.a WannaBDesigner.

I’m from the southern part of India, and right after my Intermediate education, I’m now studying the “Video Game Director” course at Rubika Supinfogame International Campus, pursuing my dream to be a Game Designer.

I’m 17 years old, and I mostly interact/make friends with everyone around me. More to say, I have an Xbox and I play online too. Message me on WordPress/FB if you want me to play as well.

But the sad part is, most of the time I may be busy because I have a lot of work in my academy (being a Game Designer ain’t easy!).

And so, I would try to update my blog twice a month, and also to add again, strangely I get into many interesting interactions, so I will be updating them too (If I feel they would be funny to share that is). So, that’s all if you want to know about me.

See you guys on my next post.

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