My Top 10 Worst Games Of 2013

Welcome to the “My Top 10 Worst Games Of 2013″, a list by WannaBDesigner. Note that this list may or may not explain the appropriate reason for the games that I listed here , and you may or may not comply with this list because, this is ‘My Top 10 Worst Games list’, if you don’t like it, feel free to leave.


This post may contain offensive language towards some games, as you should have already known that by now, this is “Top 10 Worst Games of 2013”. So without any further due, let’s begin…

10. Madden NFL 25


Let’s kick off my list with Madden 25. 

With my experience on the game, I’ve got two words to explain this game “False Advertising”. Why? The footage of trailers and teasers, actually fooled me and tricked me into buying this stupid copy-paste game! and also proved/reminded me that, why EA’s been awarded worst company of the year thrice till now, and I’m sure that their fourth streak’s on the way!

9. Star Trek The Video Game


A joke on our face or what? “Star Trek the video game”, this game proves why movies shouldn’t be ported/remade into video-games! Why? Because video games can’t exactly capture the feel of a movie, and developers should have known that by now (but for some movies it may be possible, but that’s only applicable for some).

8. TMNT: Out Of Shadows


If you leave your controller and stop playing this game by letting your character stand still, they would produce an animation which is way funnier and brilliant than the whole game. And… that’s it! The game is shit! Shittier than anything you almost ever faced in your life! Activision questions, why EA’s been awarded Worst company of the year 2013. And if you are a TMNT fan, you would be grimly disappointed by this game. Please just skip this to save yourself and to lead a happy life.

7. Dead Island: Riptide


The first Dead Island by Techland was amazing! it showed tons of bugs and glitches, besides though, It was still enjoyable. And after a year of its release, the second chapter in Dead Island series ‘Dead Island: Riptide’ showed up. But the problem here is – it showed up with the same exact bugs and glitches as its first chapter (*but still had the same fun factor though).  And furthermore to add, there were no improvement in any aspect of the game, when I say ‘No improvement’ there is no development progress ‘it’s the same Fin game again, Techland just copy-pasted their first chapter gameplay, graphics and added a rugged story line and, that’s it! That’s Dead Island: Riptide for you!

6. Aliens: Colonial Marines


(*facepalm) I’ll go easy on this game. To simply say about this game, Instead of an intense horror-experience with amazing action-scenes, Aliens: Colonial Marines manages to feel like an interactive extra on a bonus-DVD that came with the movie. The game is a horrible disappointment to everyone who bought it, thanks to its, bad map designs, utter voice acting, limitless bugs, totally boring story, blah blah blah sucks… everything that can possibly go wrong with a game = Aliens: Colonial Marines!


5. Fighter within


The power of Kinect 2.0! Microsoft babbled about their New Kinect’s power through many conference/adverts and shit! And now, look what we got! A punch in the face by a leg, coming from Fighter Within, Great! Absolutely brilliant!! No need to discuss about this absolutely ridiculous bullshit…

4. Ashes Cricket 2013


Where do I start? Where do I?!?!?… Basically this is not a game, it’s an crossbreed by a extra-terrestrial and a human. (that’s my experience about this game) And why does this game stays slightly above the list with  these many types of complaints by me and everyone against it? Because most of the people who bought the game were refunded of their money, and moreover the game was cancelled and stalled from production after a week of its release. That’s a good call by their developers. I controlled my fury there Ashes, be careful next time…


3. Day one: Garry’s incident


Is this Martian shit fell off from space or what? This game is a perfect example of what a BUG means, and new gamers could also learn what a glitch means, enough said. Check this

2. Walking dead: Survival instinct


The game’s about a character from AMC’s Walking Dead TV Series, deryle or derle or daryl whatever his name is, its about this guy derle finding his crossbow and, that’s it! that’s basically the whole story! And glimpse about the gameplay? it  gloriously, famously sucks ass!!, well seems like we have another Activision game in our list.

1. Ride to hell: Retribution


This game is the reason why elders say, “Video games are a waste of time and, are bad for kids” Seriously!!! I have never seen this level of sexism in any other game. What were the developers thinking while designing? Meet a damsel in distress, save her from danger, and have sex with her RIGHT AT THE MOMENT? Do the developers of the game have any respect for women. Jeez man! I wouldn’t be having any respect if I dare to explain about this game.



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