Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag – Review


General Information

Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, the successor of AC III, and is the sixth installment in AC series. AC IV is a 2013 historical action-adventure open world video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.

This game was released worldwide on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U on October 29, 2013. For Microsoft Windows November 19, 2013 and for the Next-Gen consoles, PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013, and for the Xbox One on November 22, 2013. Enough with this, let’s carry on to what we are here for…


Prequel to its successor AC III (story wise), with you taking control of Connor’s grandfather – Haythem Kenway’s Father – Edward Kenway.

Edward feels like life has more to offer, and he leaves his family behind to become a privateer. Promises to his wife that he would be back in two years, but ends up being a suck to freedom and riches the pirate life has offered. This leads him to a cross path between Assassins and Templars, where he learns that a secret war is being waged and eventually he becomes the Assassins errand boy

And as he goes with the Assassins, he dives deep Into the creed. He is a good man, trying to find a better purpose with his life, but his lust for fame and money keeps holding him back.

Desmond now being dead (*crying*), AC IV puts you in shoes of an Abstergo employee. And it actually uses Desmond’s left over data to go back in time to run Edward’s data. What’s the purpose op the employee? They are working on a Pirate game (Devious isn’t it?).

A good point to note in this game, the game has almost has no loading screens between story transactions, and moreover the game consists of a Long 30 hour pirating campaign. With some twists on its plot, I’d rather not spoil them but to actually say, they are not worth spoiling.

My main complaint here is that, the title doesn’t explain itself, I presume Ubisoft wanted to make a Pirate game but ended up attaching Assassins name to it! Why Ubisoft? You could have made this into a special edition rather than including this in Main series, Jeez! This game story is not worthy to be on main series (not cool Ubisoft…. Not cool)

To ultimately say, this game is a PIRATE game, with you progressing through it by upgrading your ship and sailing through the story. And a word about Edward skills, “How does he know all the other Assassins skills without even training to be one? or without any early experience, or anything! Simply Bull-S!! Ubisoft should have done something to bring Edward skills into context, but Ubisoft didn’t care to do this shit! But besides these, the game’s soundtracks are great!!

Evolution of AC


All the Assassins Creed characters had distinctive relation between them as far as their objective of life goes. But Edward’s a little bit different. He should be represented by means of Money!


Black flag sees you running, jumping, climbing, shooting, killing and sailing for 30 + hours. The recipe of the game is pretty simple, Edward completing certain amounts of missions in a city and shifting to next city. But this time, you travel by ships instead of horses.

The new dish that the game brings to us is the Pirate life activity. And as I said earlier, you keep on upgrading your ship, its cannons and other weapons/ defenses, though these are done by money and resources. So, in order to gain money and resources, you have to complete side quests and thus side quests actually become your main quest.

If you have no interest in side – pirate quests, then I can assure you that you may not like this game. And this game also has some new special AC IV things like, cool camera angles, fighting mechanics, and a minuscule bit difference in movement style.


Aside them, the extra ‘new’ awesome activities are – hunting whales (other animals also), deep sea diving for treasures, attacking forts and many more things (Endless quests to complete). How much you adore these things though will depend on your love for Pirate life. Other than these things there is nothing more into this game. (Except for copy-paste from AC III)


Truly Next-Gen Graphics


The game runs absolutely beautiful! I have to say, I haven’t expected this much detail in terms of graphical fidelity in this game. This game can be called as the best Next-Gen experience of present.

The game doesn’t fare bad in PS3 and Xbox 360 too. But still this game faces some major noticeable graphical glitches, and to merely put into context, “this is the buggiest Assassins Creed EVER!!” Ubisoft lowered their standards by rushing their release with too many bugs.

Final Verdict


  • The game doesn’t quite explain Edward’s origin of his skills, I didn’t care for him, his character has nothing to care for.
  • The game story was a little bit unnecessary for main sequel, It should have been made as a special edition of AC III rather than what it is now.
  • No major improvements in the multiplayer aspect.
  • Graphics are stunning, especially on Next-Gen consoles and PC.
  • At the same time, its buggy as hell with annoying side quests!

So guys, this review is not based on rating I give, It’s about your choice of buying it.

This game may be worth of 60 $ if you like Pirates. And if you are interested in AC series not in these pirate stuff, then wait till the price drops. So, I assume this review is helpful to you guys all I can say is
See You Guys on my next post.

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