Dying Singleplayer…


Is Single-player gaming dying? Are Multiplayer games the future of Gaming? Is there any Single-player game in market now for which you can really have fun with? These questions may not feel heavy, for now atleast. But these may become quite dangerous in future. Why? Because these questions may change the whole meaning of ‘Gaming’.

Every game these days has some sort of Multiplayer experience. Publishers force it into every game like a mother forcing her kids to study (In India atleast). Why? They clearly see a distinct importance in Multiplayer, and that importance is keeping people’s discs in the consoles, making consumers play again and again. Basically its player base retention. It makes sense that publishers and developers alike will want to keep people playing the game, and if there is a way to do it, it’s easy with Multiplayer. And it actually makes sense to only focus on the Multiplayer experience, but this applies only to an extent.

This is happening because, people now-a-days (as human instinct it is), people would like to experience everything with someone beside rather than being alone. The same theory goes with games as people would want to experience every game with their friends rather than being alone.

‘We humans like being connected to each other 24/7’ as a basic instinct it is….

Batman, Assassins Creed, Splinter Cell, I’d presume now-a-days AAA games are after ultra realistic graphics forgetting their core gameplay elements. Not only these but also games like Call of Duty, Battlefield have begun solely focusing on Multiplayer with limited Single-player experience. These may be the perfect example for ‘Dying Single player’ because they started off as Single-player games.

I’m not complaining about these games, just mentioning their mutation from what they used to be. I mentioned AAA titles only because as everyone knows they kinda control market influence.

Some games have adapted to this mutation system,  Dark Souls has created a way of incorporating other people to your game with invasions. Journey gave you an anonymous companion to play with without communication. They are finding ways of incorporating Multiplayer into Single-player, just like Titan Fall has incorporated Single-player story into Multiplayer. And I think that many games in future might have to do the same to stay in market.

Thus I put it to you, dear reader, that Single-player is not dying it’s just evolving. And further most I personally think that Titanfall might lead this change to every other game.


My conclusion therefore to this theory is, Yes. Single-player is not dying, it’s evolving into something that incorporates Multiplayer/Cooperative play into its mechanics, and takes up even more of everyone’s already worthless enough time. No need to worry, as evolving doesn’t kill your gaming experience, I’m sure that this evolution will only enhance it.

I personally think that “The Era of Internet” not only could evolve gaming, but also the whole world leading your personal life.

See you guys on my next post.

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