Creation of Murder Mystery Games and about our Game

I’m excited to show you guys our project, a Murder Mystery game called “Sound in mind, and a dead body”. But, sadly for this project, I felt that I didn’t contribute enough as I was sick and was in hospital for 2 days.

The credit for this project mostly goes to my team. I was teamed up with another designer, and another artist. For this project, we got inspired from “Public Enemies” the movie.




For creating your own Murder Mystery game, you should first know what it is.

Even I didn’t know about it the first time while I was working on the project. And thus, I researched everywhere to get an concrete idea about this project, on what actually do I need to do.

Murder mystery games are generally party games wherein one of the partygoers is secretly/ unknowingly playing a murderer/thief, and the other attendees must observe and detect on who among them is the actual culprit. This may involve fantasy ‘murders’ of guests throughout the game, or may actually open up with a ‘dead character’ and the Player will have the rest of their time devoted to investigation.


To Create your own Murder Mystery Game:

Step 1: You need to create

Global overview on the mystery – Story, Characters, a Dead/thief and some pictures of the Gamified Cards used.

What are Gamified Cards here?

These are cards containing clues or other mysteries leading to the murder/suicide or theft. These can be potentially applied to any idea to create fun and engaging experiences, immersing players into the game.

Step 2: Advance step

The Serious definition of the Story – An further advanced story –  Relationship between the Character’s and the Clues leading to murder.

First Clues should only contain evidences leading to murder. Each player should have their own different evidences.

Step 3: Executing the idea to check

Modus Operandi live – a technique on checking “how to play?’ & “Does it work?”

Game System & Extra activities, create the rules and restrictions.

Create a Flyer (A5) for inviting folks (I’ll show you our flyer and some of my friend’s flyers)

Step 4: Advance step 2

Everybody is a suspect! – Determine each and every one with perfect clues, and give the Players some random clues to make the game funnier. A random clue can be either true or false.

Perfect the system – Advanced game system with help system & events

Players’ invitation (A game should have a good invitation to players)

Invitation meaning, a starting introduction of a game, or an introduction for the papers of the game.

Poster (A3) (Make a poster of your game)

Make a Final Draft of the rule book

Step 5: Validating your work

Validation of the publisher (You, yourself can be a publisher of your game)

Game system & Modus Operandi (Final system and method of operation through a series of event)

Rulebook formalization (Finalize the rule book)

Step 6: Case Closed

Keep all documents ready

PDF for the final rulebook

Zip all documents for security (rulebook + flyer + poster + invitation + pictures you needed)

Then print your game (I’ll show you what my other friend team did)




Rule book-FS

Advanced Story

Background story-FS

Character sheet-FS

Thank you guys for reading, but before you leave, I’d like to say, this is the process we followed and it might be very different for other types of projects out there. It depends if you wish to use this or not for your own one. But I hope you atleast have an idea on what/ and how they are structured in a sense. You could use the attachments I posted to understand the stuff I talked about here.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you had a good time!

See you guys on my next post

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