Mirima (2014) – Game Design

Genre Specifications

Genre                                        :               Adventure, Visual Novel

View                                          :               2D

Players                                     :               Singleplayer

Engine                                      :               Construct 2D

Platform                                  :               PC

Team Members                     :               6                             

Duration                                 :               6 Months

Game Description

Mirima a visual novel adventure game made as part of a ‘Semester Project’ in our University, and was developed on Construct 2. Mirima is choice based visual novel adventure game designed for PC. The main objective is to progress through the story while making your own choices. There are multiple endings depending on the player’s chosen path. The game features choice based combat, each choice leading to different results. There are over 10000 integrated dialogues following a custom-made lexicon (custom language) which makes Mirima’s story very intriguing.

What makes the Project unique?

  • Visual Novel with many different branching paths.
  • Wiki website with Devlog on the development of the game.
  • Custom language.

My Experience

Game Design, Documentation, and Marketing

This game was a mistake. I’m not shameful to say this out loud as I think, by accepting your failures, you grow. And I posted this project to reflect on my said failure and to show you, as a reader how much I progressed since then. But besides the failures, as I was stating before, this project gave me valuable time to grow as a person, and as a designer. Also besides that, please don’t be fooled by the pictures of the game (assuming you did).

Tools                       :               Word, Photoshop, Perforce.

What Went Right?

  • Marketing through a website
  • Custom language

What Went Wrong?

  • Many bugs
  • Mismatch art style
  • Team distribution
  • Work flow
  • No clear development vision

In-Game Pictures

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