Wonders of Rajasthan (2015 International Project) – Level Designer and Game Designer

Genre Specifications

Genre                          :               Puzzle / Cultural

Engine                        :               Unity 2D

Platform                    :               Mobile / Tablet

Team Members       :               9              (4 from India + 5 from France)

Duration                    :               5              Days

Game Description

Wonders of Rajasthan is aimed to impress adult tourists, who wish to look up for information regarding their travel location in an interactive way. The project was made as a part of an intensive week session and has been completed in 1 week. The development team for the project were based in France and India, and they each had to adapt to the time zone of different countries.

The main objective of the game is to reach the Christmas tree without getting seen by the kids or babies. The game has 2 main levels excluding the tutorial and the levels are procedurally generated. If the player is doing really well, the levels are progressively harder. However, if the player’s performance is average, the progressive level is comparatively easier.

What makes the Project unique?

  • International development team
  • Informative game

My Experience

Level Designer, Target Research, Location Research, Documentation.

I had no experience working as a game artist. But this project gave me great insightful experience on a basic pipeline of game art. And though it was my first time applying my artistic skills in creating a game, I think it turned out really good for a first attempt on pixel art.

I have also had my hand on sound department, and game design alongside the art. But most of my time went into creating abundant art work which in-reality never ended up in the game because of time constraints. But in the end, I sure had a good experience in how an art team works in game development.

Tools                       :               Photoshop, Audacity, Excel, Skype.

What Went Right?

  • Experience of working with an international team
  • Implementation of planned design

What Went Wrong?

  • Lots of unresolved bugs
  • Communication and work flow
  • Unbalanced
  • Rather bad UI

In-Game Pictures


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