Mirror’s Edge – Demake




Title: Mirrors Edge

Genre: 2D platform Scroller

Support: Atari 7800

Target: English speakers 8+

Game Objective: Help the character to run, do minimal parkour, jump and dash thru the enemies. Moreover attain time record scores and pass the level with your personal score which you can beat again.


What is Mirrors Edge?

Mirrors Edge is a first person parkour game, in which the player controls a girl named faith and follows on her journey by controlling her.

My main idea was to, transform the original Mirror’s Edge which is a single-player, first person, action-adventure platform game into a 2D Scroller runner platform game which maintains the core thrive notion of the game which is to “Run, parkour and evade/kill the enemies”.


Building a game which is believed compatible in the Atari 2600 or 7800

Core Mechanics

– Gameplay elements

Movement – Left, right, crouch and jumping

View – 2D

Time bar

– Control

Use the Joystick for movement (Jump too)

The Single button is used for Attack

– Level Design

Rather than the free movement 3d levels in this demake the obstacles you will find are, places you need to jump and some particular areas where you can wall jump and some enemies where you can make your way through. Note that you can go upwards and downwards of the screen due to the design of some levels.

– Enemies

Upon facing an enemy you jump pass him or you can dash your way pass him. Either way but some enemies are able to shoot and in order to escape their bullets you need to jump over them. P.S. you can even crouch to escape the enemy bullets.

 – Score System

We took the idea of the main Mirrors Edge Time system that is to complete the level by recording the time you took to complete it, this allows player to play a level again and again in order to break their previous record by creating a new one.


Complete the levels of the game, replay them if as you can create new score outputs.


Short FX sounds occur on these actions

  • Jump
  • Kick
  • Enemy Shoot

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