Update – I was dumb and lazy…

But hey, I’m back!


So, I was too lazy to get back to blogging again. I tried numerous times to cover the stuff been happening, but then again I realized I never really wanted to do that stuff as I was too focused on playing games and giving out my opinion about them. Anyways, I want this Blog to be more focused on the progress I go through, rather than the content itself.

I’m 20 now – Checkpoint in Life [A Critique on Myself]:

While I made this post, I went through all of my previous posts and I realized how dumb I actually was. It’s almost like I’m a completely different person now. 3 years huh…

In my mind, 3 years back, I used to be angry and jealous of stuff. Of course I wasn’t aware of my actions, and yet, those actions spoke to me otherwise after 3 years. This might be due to my upbringing from childhood, but I’m not too sure…

I also noticed the difference in my body language, and to some extent even my thinking was on change day-by-day. I started my life in DSK with no knowledge on computers, absolutely nothing. Surprising right? and yet here I am, with good knowledge on usage of a PC, and also on using different tools required for design.

I think this is just the beginning. I think things could even drastically change from what they are now in 3 more years… I mean, who knows right?

My Nature: 

Similar to the rhythm in games, I noticed a rhythm for myself. I’m the kind of guy who wants to do good while keeping the betterment of all in mind. This trait comes with a skill attached. I grasp things way quicker than most people (or so I guess). How am I saying this? I change everyday, at every-moment. And I change while retaining good parts of my old self. I deceive myself into thinking the good way, for the betterment of future. And thus, by such deception and grasping skills, I almost live with no rhythm, except it is actually my rhythm!

Cliched right? well I can’t put my characteristic in better words I guess. For now at least. Well anyway, I have lots of work coming up! so yeah…

See you guys on my next post.



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