The Wonderful 101 – Demake



Title: The Wonderful 101

Genre: Action, beat ‘em up Support: Atari 7800

Target: English speakers 8+

Game Objective: Kill the enemies, save hostages, create weapons (by small movement tweaks) and complete levels to proceed to the next ones. By doing the above stuff gain score and this enables replay ability in the game.


What is Wonderful 101?

Wonderful 101 is an isometric action game, in which the player controls a Wonderful 101 squad member and follows on the quests displayed.

Our main idea was to, transforming the original Wonderful 101 which is a single-player, isometric, action platform game into a Top-down action game which maintains the core thrive notion of the game that is to create weapons, armor, rescue hostages and evade/kill the enemies.


Building a game which is believed compatible in the Atari 2600 or 7800

Hardware Limits

  • 256 colors possible on screen
  • Controller Port: Two-Button With D-Pad
  • Maximum resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (NTSC)
  • Cartridge ROM Space: 48kb maximum capacity

Core mechanics

– Gameplay Elements

Movement – Left, Right, Down, Up

View – Top Down

– Level Design

Aimed simple as the original level design of the game, and is preferred linear with a side path to the same linear path (as the core original gameplay style).

– Character

Has 1 – 10 HP this depends on which level he is in, for example: 1 Level – 3HP, 2 Level – 4HP and so on.

Character can attack anytime by using the 1 Button. And he can form weapons by 2 Button


Have 2 HP and usually are found in group numbers, pretty easy to kill on using weapons

– Hostage Bar

Player upon impact with the hostages saves them, but unlike the original Wonderful 101 where the hostages follow the player in this Demake the hostages disappear and get stockpiled up in the player hostage bar showing how many hostages the player has. Player can use the hostages in extension mode.

– Weapon formation

By pressing the 2 button, player enables extension mode where he can extend himself and form a basic shapes like rectangular line. And by using this mechanic, whenever the player extends left or right he/she forms a Sword (which is not displayed in hand but is displayed besides the hostage bar) and same as that when the player extends up or down player forms a Chainsaw which kills 2 enemies at the same time (sword can kill 1 at a time). But while using this mechanic the amount of hostages the player has will decrease, for example, the player used sword formation which costs 3 hostages and for Chainsaw the player needs 5. The weapon equipped will disappear after killing certain amount of enemies. If the animation of player extension is not possible (which we think it is possible) we shall deny the transition and give the player the weapon which he inputted thru the mechanic. Gameplay Intention

In Wonderful 101 the player has to draw the element he needs (called as unite power), and us wanting to keep the core notion of that mechanic we implemented the Extension system.


Complete the levels of the game also by trying to get a good score and replay them as you can create new score outputs.


D – Pad movement (left, right, up, down)

1 Button – Attack

Score system

Player gets points for killing enemies and depending on the remaining hostages player didn’t use the score increases. For example, player has 5 hostages left and upon the score he/she got by killing enemies an additional 500 score will be added. This makes the game more difficult as in, if the player wants score he shouldn’t use the hostages but if he wants to kill enemies faster he should use the hostages.


The game will feature an 8 bit chip tune as BG Music and

Short FX sounds occur on these actions

  • Attack
  • Hostage Collision
  • Weapon Formation

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