Christmas update – Academy


Update of my progress at DSK Supinfocom International Campus

it’s been almost 4 months since I’ve been in this academy, and I must say my thinking towards how a game can be or should be has drastically changed. Yet sadly, my first year only contained theory part of design that would help me improve my logic about what is a video game?  And we here also have some side/main activities that would help us in this process, like mainly our E.Y.P (End of the year project) Board game creation, and Game Book creation, and also for sides, we learn many critical fundamentals of game design and multimedia that would help us in future purposes in our careers.

Board Game

We were teamed among ourselves (we were 2 members) and we were told to come up with 4 Board game ideas, and so we did. Only a single idea has been selected from every team presented (ours too), we were further told to work upon it and present it to all our trainers. I will reveal more about our game after completion of our project.

Game Book

You must be thinking what is a Game Book? A game book is a work of fiction that allows the reader to participate in the story by making effective choices. The narrative branches along various paths through the use of numbered paragraphs or pages. (Definition by Wiki)

Game book is a simple book with an adventure/exploring game story, and you play through by making your choices on a story foretold by 2nd perspective, and you progress by noting your progress by the help of a sheet or something. Your luck of play is decided by dice.

Example you want your protagonist of your game book to go to a certain area or to do something, then for that you would be requested to go to certain page to complete your objective, by performing a certain roll dice. Game books are sometimes informally called choose your own adventure books.

Me and everyone in our class were told to come up with an idea, full background, style of the game everything in an hour or so, there were no teams. It was a bit hard, but we all made it. Currently we are working on the interiors of the game book (writing stuff).


Till now we learned Photoshop and Illustrator and that’s it. I know that our progress is slow but I believe that can be covered up in time.


We had some classes of game analysis, some language classes, programming classes, and we also learned about game industry, about how they run, who are in it, what they do etc..,


I worked hard, I learned many things, and last but not least, I had lots of fun with my friends and my PC 🙂

See you guys on my next post.

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