Burito Bison Revenge – Formal Elements Analysis


Critique Note:

Before I begin on the elements, I’d like to say a few words about the game design of the game. Burito Bison Revenge is a game where the Players keep coming back to play a certain loop of mechanics while having a certain system of progressing in the said loop of mechanics. The progression system expands by making the loop of mechanics even bigger and wider each time the Player plays the game, while making them to seek what is it at the end of this loop? or how does the game end?.


Formal Elements:

1) Player – Invitation to play

The player is invited by a well designed custom starter menu The menu has option for starting the game, and another option for more games.

  • Number of players?
    • The game is made for single player only.
  • Role of the player?
    • The player interacts a masked man named Burrito Bison, and then he crushes candies in candy land with his speed and strength.
  • Player interaction pattern?
    • The game’s interaction pattern is Player-Versus-Game.


2) Objectives

1- Solution

Every situation in the game is Bison, the main character, trying to break all the big doors and trying to reach his wallet, which is present in a steel door. He leaps by punching the boss of the stage and he goes by bumping on the gummy bears on the floors and breaking doors to reach his wallet. You need to unlock a lot of things before breaking through the big one.

The objective is implicit and is determined by the game design and some luck. The objective fastens the pacing of the game, and allows the player to feel the power and speed through the plot, the music, and the feel of the game.

2 – Rescue

When Bison speed slows down, he uses rocket boosters and punches the floor to lift himself up preventing defeat.

He faces some speed booster type materials to speed him up like, Chubby Gummies, propeller Hats, Rocket Riders, Cruisers, General Goods, Lucky Gummies.


3) Procedure

1- Character moves

  • The character moves by his own, and on and by machines present in candy land.
  • The character uses rocket smash to land safely on land. Press Spacebar to rocket smash.
  • The player can control other machines like propeller hat and rocket, cruiser, etc.
  • The player can restart the round by going to toolbar present at top of the screen.

2- Menu

  • In the main menu, the player can use either the mouse to select his choice.
  • In the main menu, the player can start the game, start survival, he can rest his data, and can search for more games made by the developer.
  • The Player can turn the sound off by going to toolbar above and selecting the sound icon.
  • The player can see the developer video by clicking the their logo at top left of the screen.
  • In any level the player can go back to the main menu by clicking the exit option in toolbar at top right of the screen.


4) Rules

1- The elastic cables

The elastic cables are used at start to throw the character to unimaginable distances and he falls down he gets back at the cables.

The player can understand this rule by bison body gesture, otherwise he can learn this rule by trying or going to the help.

2- Chubby gummy bears

By punching and killing the chubby gummy bear’s u get some cash which can be used to unlock/purchase new items. This is explained by text at starting.

You face some special gummy bears from which u can get again leap into the sky.
The rule can be understood by the biases of the player. The player needs to understand it to finish the game.This is also explained by some text at future part of the game. The gummy bears are solid object. You fall and leap from them.

This rules can be understood by the biases of the player or by trying it. The player needs to understand it to finish the game. If you smash a lot of gummy bears together you can get a huge amount of cash.

This rules can be understood by the biases of the player or by trying it. The player needs to understand it to finish the game.

Rules restricting action:

1 – Narrative actions and controls

According to the game, the actions available to the player can change by the change of terrain:

The game starts by bison wanting to buy some candy’s but he can’t because he left his wallet in candy land and now Bison ravages candy land searching for his wallet.

  • In some terrains bison can jump higher by lucky gummy bear / in some terrains he can’t.
    This rule is explained by text and challenges.
  • In some terrains the player gets a cat candy by which he gets fly time without falling / in some he can’t.
    This rule is explained by text and challenges.
  • In some terrains the player faces lots of gummy bears from which he can leap to elsewhere/ in some he can’t.
    This rule is explained by text and challenges.
  • In some terrains the player have to break bigger door which requires more speed and strength / in some he doesn’t require to break big doors as he has small doors
    This rule is explained by text and challenges.

Rules determining Effects:

1– Falling

If the character falls from too much high-rise, he slows down and the game will reset.
This rule is explained by text.

2- Breaking

If the character rushes through a door with speed, he breaks through the door by tearing it.

3 – Killing

The player should kill the gummy bears by punching and jumping on them to get money which can be used for new power ups for the player.

4 – Fire ball

When the player attains enough height, he converts himself into a huge ball of fire which lands on the gummies with extreme speed.


5) Resources

Money is the major resource in the game. It is gained by squashing gummies and is replenished by buying stuff in the shop or skipping missions.

  • Cable: power of the launch increases with the level of this effect.
  • Lotion: Higher is their level, lower is the loss in speed by hitting the ground.
  • Rocket smash: These are renewable resources they can be reused only after a certain number of gummy bears have been squashed (usually 10).
  • Launch: Increases the power of your launch by getting a perfect launch.


6) Conflicts

The Major conflict of the game is covering large distances in high speeds.
Landing on the cops and the ground decreases your speed. The conflict rises here, you need high speeds to break giant doors. If your speed is low, you will lose the level.


7) Outcome

The outcome is only determined by whether the player wants to reach the end of the game.
He has to manage resources and maintain his score. The player will eventually reach the end of the game.

The player can only win the game unless he gives up (doing so he would not reach the outcome) and there is No loser in the end of the game, so it is a non-zero-sum game.

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