WARCRAFT III THE MISSION (2014) – Level Design

Genre Specifications

Genre                          :               Adventure, RTS

View                            :               2D Isometric

Players                        :               Singleplayer

Editor                          :               Warcraft III Editor

Team Members          :               30

Duration                     :               5              Days

Project Description

‘The Mission’ is a 1-hour custom campaign mod created for the game “Warcraft III” as a part of an Intensive Week Project in our University.

This mod is about a Peasant rising against his oppressors for salvation of the kingdom. The project was completed by a team of 30 people over the course of 5 days.

Project Features

  • The mod is filled with 9 different levels, with different environments, different cut-scenes, character choices, balanced difficulty progression, and multiple puzzles.
  • This mod is a unique blend between adventure and real-time-strategy.

Map Pictures

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My Experience

Level Design, Quest Design, Cinematics, Campaign Balancing, and Documentation

From a big team of 30, I worked on 2 Levels for the 9 level campaign. I started our work from universe, then the cut-scenes of the story, then I followed to quest design for the story.

For the level design – I started from paper sketching, to Photoshop, to SketchUp 3D, to In-Engine editing.

Later, to manage the difficulty curve in the campaign, we together as a huge team planned all of it by using Excel and Trello.

Tools                       :               Word, Excel, Photoshop, SketchUp, and Trello.

What Went Right?

  • Experience of working in a big development team
  • Implementation of work done
  • Smooth development progress
  • Rich learning experience

What Went Wrong?

  • Could be better polished
  • Linear for the most part

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