Genre Specifications

Genre                          :               Puzzle, Casual

View                            :               2.5D Isometric

Players                        :               Singleplayer

Editor                          :               SketchUp

Duration                     :               5              Days

Game Description

“Lara Croft GO” is a singleplayer turn-based puzzle game, where you play as Lara herself while following through many of her adventures. This project was made as part of an “Intensive Week” in our campus.

Level Description

Lara in one of her adventures came across a mysterious cave which once-forever changed her life. This cave was filled with poisonous snakes and dangerous traps. But most of all, hidden inside this cave contained a treasure which held eternal power which could drastically affect the world if tampered with.

Lara made a choice, but what do you make of it? Will you choose power over morality? Will you take power? Or would you destroy it before it falls into the wrong hands? Now it depends on the player’s choice, as a person on what you will choose…

What makes the Project Unique?

  • Adventurous story arc
  • Environment
  • Progressing difficulty
  • Made to be a part of Lara Croft GO

Map Pictures

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My Experience

Level Design, and Documentation

Having prior experience and knowledge in level design from my other projects, I started off this project with paper level design (by creating multiple scenarios which can be connected to each other), then I went on to modelling the basic 3D structure of the level in SketchUp, and later I finalized the design by some testing, and some environment models.

This assignment felt like a test to my mettle, and though I’d like to say it went really well… I felt I needed more practice, to note – more programming practice, because I felt there was space for more things to be done in design if I had experience in the programming division.

Tools                       :               SketchUp, Word, PowerPoint Excel, and Photoshop

What Went Right?

  • Difficulty progression
  • Additional mission objective
  • Detailed documentation
  • Size and duration of segments

What Went Wrong?

  • Mediocre environment models
  • Failed to create a prototype

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