The Most Essential Game Designer Skill

Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually bound in an never ending spiral of life and death. Is this supposed to be a curse? Or even some kind of gift? I often think about the god who has left us with this cryptic puzzle…

I’m saying this because, a game designer always needs to question and seek answers from all of over the universe. But the objective is not to learn the truth, but it is to experience the journey that’s behind the thought process which can lead us to it.

“It is to observe and analyse everything around us with little to no bias following it.

Now most game designers already know about this. Or they on the other hand, follow their set of sequences of steps to lead their process of game design. And the thing is – There is no right or wrong answer to this. Because that is the point. To explore and understand the “why”, but not to build it into an objective result.

And even if you do, there’s nothing wrong in it. Because you need to understand, it will keep changing and you have to change with your result as well. Because the point is – People keep changing, and game design is a field where it depends on players interest.

Next day you might see people are not interested in MOBA games anymore. Or they might wish to see something different than Action Movies. This is a creative field for a reason. And the next day we might see the rise of Board Games again. Or maybe not.

But again. When you remove your boundaries; When you try and seek where you are in this loop of life… You will start to see things differently. Which will lead you to approach your players better.

There might be no end to this journey; But the bi-product of this journey is when you learn that anything that can combined / mixed / merged to create innovative experiences.

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