VINDICTA (2017) – Game Design

Genre Specifications

Genre                          :               Action Adventure

View                            :               3rd Person

Players                        :               Singleplayer

Editor                          :               Unreal

Duration                     :               15          Days

Project Description

An action-detective game where the character focuses on investigations by day, and brings justice upon the worthy by night.

Players will have to manage human investigation skills in correlation to aggressive monster skills to freely approach and solve cases in multiple ways possible.

This project was made as part of an “Triple Intensive Week” in our campus.


Through the dark and dirty streets of London, creatures roam and feed off the weak and helpless. Every man, woman, and child dare not stay out in the open past the time of sundown, lest the monstrosities will find their prey without trouble.

Rumors of these creatures circulate through the populace. Sightings of them have been rarely witnessed. Their presence is seen, because as the sun comes up, cries of shock are heard throughout the city, like a blood chilling rooster call.

Bodies of the unlucky few who fell victim during the night before are found broken and battered. The ones who were close to the victim started to feel bitter and agitated towards these nocturnal creatures. Like animals who were backed into a corner, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Men and Women with power took advantage of the unrest the creatures caused. They provided bounties for any evidence of the creatures existence, a part of their skin, a chipped claw, anything that could help describe the monsters.

Fueled by their strong need for revenge, and the reward they could obtain, the masses created a name and banner they would fall under. They called themselves the, “Victim’s Watch”.  They patrolled the night in groups ready with rifles and torches.

For a period of time the number of victims reduced, the people started to fear the night less. This period could not be anything more than the calm before the storm, for 2 full moons later, the bodies came in piles in the morning.

The attacks occurred more often in the night, the screams of the morning became of chorus of wales and the bodies were found in even worse shape.

It could be seen that the creatures did not take kindly to the people encroaching their territory.

Fear gripped the hearts and minds of the people again, sightings of the monsters were reported more often. The creatures had made their motive clear, they were here to stay and no one could do anything about it.

What the populace didn’t know, is that the people of power are the reason for the creatures existence. For years they have experimented and mutated folk to create weapons they could use to topple the stable monarchy.

They control the monsters which patrol the night. They are the reason for so much death.

Hope comes in the form of one of the escaped man from their facility. His name is Norman Conray and he wants nothing more than to free the poor souls he left behind and bring down those that oppressed them, and him…

A morally good person who stands for justice, but seeks vengeance for the wrong that was done to him by the people who he serves to protect and maintain order.

The protagonist’s true purpose is to shut down the horrible deeds going on in the city so that no one has to face the same consequence that he did.

What makes the Project Unique?

  • Alternative victorian era London / industrial age Britain re-imagined.
  • Gameplay blend between human investigation & monster abilities.
  • Freedom to solve cases in any way the player wants.

Project Pictures

Vertical Slice Showcase

My Experience

Game Design, Level Design, and Narrative Design.

In a team of 3, I was managing the mechanics, the narrative, and the level design – while the other two were looking into programming, art, and documentation.

After we decided on the foundations of the game together, we juggled workload between each other while keeping the project vision in mind consistent.

Due to the short amount of time we had to prove the vertical slice, it was very challenging for us to manage our scope. But due to our sheer will and efforts, we achieved a high level concept prototype which showcased the potential the concept had for further development.

Tools                       :               Unreal, SketchUp, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop, and Visio.

What Went Right?

  • Vertical slice execution.
  • Human and monster blend gameplay reception.
  • Detailed documentation.

What Went Wrong?

  • Lack of programming expertise to implement features.
  • Ambitious scope per time available.

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