HALO CE (2016) OLD AND THE NEW – Level Design and Universe

Genre Specifications

Genre                          :               Action, Adventure, FPS

View                             :               3D First Person

Players                        :               Singleplayer

Editor                          :               SketchUp 3D

Duration                     :               5              Days

Project Description

This map is designed in combination of the old and the new Halo games. And although I say the word “both”, the actual meaning here is that it’s a combination of their mechanics, and their essence – and yet the map is actually aimed to work in “Halo 1 Combat Evolved” while following its simple established rules of a first person shooter.

Mission Details

The level follows the “Noble Team One”, a group of 5 Spartans who are trying to restore COMMS with the UNSC while being stuck in a far-away abandoned ‘Forerunner Base’. The team while trapped has begun exploring the base itself in-order to discover any secrets lying in its shade.


“Noble Team One” is believed to be lost in space by UNSC. But in-reality they are still on course for their mission to discover the lost ‘Forerunners Base’ in the far reaches of the universe.

While the UNSC still believes they are lost, Noble Team have achieved their objective on finding the base and are in danger from foreign forces.

The enemy legion of the UNSC, the ‘Arbiter Purple Covenant’ group are also believed to be lost with the UNSC group on a similar mission. But Arbiter, the head of the Covenant knows about the cause for their AWOL in space. And once Arbiter got out of power from the Covenant, he called out and explained Master Chief about the time-continuum force which binds the Forerunners bases. Master Chief on hearing this, he sets course for the base to rescue the Noble Team lost in space and time.

What makes the Project unique?

  • A full mission with multiple objectives and map layouts.
  • Fully scripted and planned scenarios, cut scenes, and encounters.
  • The architecture and the universe is a mixture of the old and the new Halo games.

Map Pictures

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Rough Showcase

My Experience

Level Design and Universe Building

Following my analysis of the Halo games, I wanted to create a premise where the objective of the level is respecting the original game intentions (Halo 1).

Following my intentions to the first paper design drafts, I decided to have 2 arena based layouts connected by 1 semi-corridor style pathway. But compared to the different power-ups available in the new Halo games, I wanted to limit myself on overusing them because of the gameplay time restriction I had for the level. Many of such restrictions were handled and planned while keeping the original intentions in play.

From the paper drafts and the premise, I decided the layout of the level by doing 2D mapping and node system. Then I expanded on the premise of the universe, then to cleaning up my initial design in Photoshop, and then I finalized the design in SketchUp to complete the project.

Tools                       :               Word, Excel, Photoshop, SketchUp, and Perforce.

What Went Right?

  • Time management
  • Research analysis
  • Development progress

What Went Wrong?

  • Linear at times
  • Not populated by  props
  • Might face problems in implementation

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