Update – A New Me

My Content:

From the recent posts – I think I’m done posting about my old content. It doesn’t make sense to reveal my old-self anymore. Though also, I’d like to add few throw back posts from time-to-time. I’m in quite a dilemma.

Anyways, I also learned that all of my content lacked some sort of visual appeal to attract my audience attention. Hence, for everything I do from now, I wish to add some sort of visual appeal in one form or another. If possible, I would also like to commentate over my work for better presentation.

About Myself:

I changed a lot these past years… from my appearance to my attitude. Everything about me feels different than what it used to be. And so, I fear for my future… whether I’ll be the same person as I am now? Whether I’ll grow up for the betterment with time? But I guess such is the flow of time. And there’s no stopping it from reaching it’s final destination.

I’m sure about one thing though, no matter how much I develop, I need to look for opportunities to ground my myself in the present. To display my knowledge to the world. I need to spread my wings while looking at the bright horizon in front. And I need to do it quick, while the light lasts for the eye…


Finally, I’ve begun working on my Portfolio. And so, I will be posting a lot of updates regarding the content related to it for better portrayal of my work. There are many changes due in-accordance to my WIP portfolio. And I wish to merge these two in some way or another (my Blog and my Portfolio).

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