Expression Novel – Call of Duty: Ghosts

Hello guys, last week we had an assignment for making some posters explaining a ‘Gamer’s’ expressions while he plays. Following that, we also had an option to choose, for which game to work on. And so, we  ended up choosing Call Of Duty: Ghosts because we thought it would end up rather interesting than others, and also because my team-mate loves the franchise.

Note that, we had only 1 day for this assignment so, our work wouldn’t be up to our maximum limit because of the time limit we had.

Warning this novel may contain some offensive words

Our Main Poster


In case you’re wondering who’s am I? I’m the bottom guy. (We made our equipment like the scarf’s and headbands)


We added our game-play screens also.

Note, that the game-play pictures are split-screened because as you can see we are 2, but the important thing you should notice is that, mine’s the top screen and my friend’s the bottom one.


We were told to create ‘Expression posters’ so we focused more on our expressions rather than the game-play pictures.



Photoshop credits goes to me.


Hope you guys liked what I and my friend did so, that’s it for today and now all I can say is

See you guys on my next post.




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